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Certificate in Music 

Your gateway to higher education in Europe

In partnership with Royal Irish Academy of Music (RIAM), Ireland, Medley Music Academy's Certificate in Music is a nine-month, full-time preparatory course in music tertiary studies to strengthen their musicianship and music education. This programme provides intensive training in preparing students for admission into RIAM. 


Upon completion, students will be fully prepared for further studies in RIAM mainly in these four disciplines: 

  1. Diploma in Music Teaching and Performance 

  2. Recital Artist Diploma 

  3. Bachelor in Music Performance - Instrument (BMusPerf) 

  4. Bachelor in Music Education (BMusEd) 

Students in Music Room

Photo from RIAM 

Course Details

Admission Requirements

  1. Age: At least 16 years old. 

  2. Music Proficiency: Minimum Grade 6  (Piano or Violin)  and Grade 5  (Theory)  ABRSM examination  or other recognised exam boards.

  3. Academic: English GCE ‘O’ Level pass or equivalent 

  4. English Proficiency Test (in line with RIAM's entry requirements- points a to d):

         If your first language is not English and you have not been educated through the   

                medium of English, you must have one of the following English   

                language qualifications: 

           a. TOEFL: Internet based 90 (with a written score of 21). 

           b. Cambridge Proficiency or Advanced Certificate, Grade C or better  

           c. IELTS* 6.5 (no individual band below 6)  

           d. Pearson Test of English (Academic) – PTE Academic: a minimum of 63 (with no section

                score below 59) 

*IELTS - International English Language Testing System

    5. Audition Requirements by Medley Music Academy: 

         a. Performance Audition

Performance of 2 pieces from contrasting periods (to submit proposed pieces for approval via email).

          b. Written Test

1 hour test to assess applicant's musical knowledge of theory and  history. Applicant who score below 50% must retake the exam upon commencement of course. 

         c. Aural Test

Simple 4 bars sight singing and analytical questions based on a short piece performed by interview panel.

         d. Interview

Generic questions on choice of course and future plan upon graduation etc, as well as technical aspects of current repertoires etc. 


Compulsory Subjects: 

1. Major Study​​ (Piano and Violin)

This module is compulsory for students to attend on weekly basis. It is to hone student’s technique or skills and appropriate interpretation as performer in their major instrument. This course includes sight reading.

2. Performance Recital

This module is compulsory for students to attend on fortnightly basis. 

At each session, students will get together and to play or to attend fellow students performing their current repertoire. It is based on attendance and minimum of 80% of attendance must be obtained in order to pass this module. 

3. Ensemble

This module is to bond students in performing together as a group between 2-5 students. 

At least a duo to quintet works is required to perform at the end of each term. Attendance is compulsory. 

4. Theory of Music

This module is compulsory for students to attend on weekly basis. The objective of this course is to strengthen students’ understanding in musical knowledge in written form 

There are 3 components in this course that students need to attend: 


Theory of Music I : Harmony and Figured Bass 

Theory of Music II: Compositions 

Theory of Music III: Understanding Scores-Form and Analysis 

5. History of Music

This module is compulsory for students to attend on weekly basis. The objective of this course is to expose students with different eras of musical journey in terms of styles, forms/structure, instrumentations and sociopolitical change.  


There are 3 components in this course that students need to attend: 

History of Music I: Renaissance and Baroque era 

History of Music II: Classical and Romantic era 

History of Music III: 20th & 21th Century era 

6. Aural and Sight Singing

This module is to help students strengthen their ear-training ability and ability to sing in pitch. Training includes rhythmic and melodic dictation, harmony identification, singing by sight and by ear singing, and analytical understanding on excerpts of music aurally in perspective of musical style and periods.

7. Graduation Recital

All students are compulsory to do this course during final term. Students will play 20-30 minutes of balanced programme in a recital platform. Students must  perform three pieces from different genre/periods. 

Electives/Minor study: 

1. Piano studies for violin majors 

2. Violin studies for piano majors

This elective is compulsory for student to take on weekly basis as part of his/her minor instrument study. Students will be placed on the appropriate level after a short audition. Medley Music Academy offers violin for piano students and piano for violin students as an elective 


The levels are as follows: 

Elementary > Equivalent of ABRSM pre-grade 1 to grade 1 

Lower Intermediate > Equivalent of ABRSM grade 2-3 

Higher Intermediate  > Equivalent of ABRSM grade 4-5 

Advanced > Equivalent of ABRSM grade 6-8 

End of Term Assessment/ Assignments

1. Performance Assessment

a. Major instrument performance assessment

b. Aural assessment

c. Sight Singing assessment

d. Sight Reading assessment

2. Written Assessment

a. Theory of Music

b. History of Music

3. Project Assignment

Students will be assigned a topic to present as a group. Topic of discussions are exclusively on instrumental performance.

Programme Fees and Breakdown

  1. Tuition Fees : $7650

  2. Application & Administrative Fees: $350

  3. Materials, Facility and Resources Fees: $500

  4. Course Assessment & Audition: $500  (additional assessment at $150 per attempt)

Total Course Fees: $9000​

Goods & Services Tax (7%): $630

Total Payable Fees: $9630

All amount stated are in Singapore Dollars

About Royal Irish Academy of Music (RIAM)

Located in Dublin City, RIAM is the oldest conservatoire (founded 1848)  in Ireland. It is ranked in the top 50 institutions in the world for the performing arts. 

Read more about RIAM here:

Contact us

Contact Medley Music Academy for enrolment enquires at


Phone: +65 6353 4881

Whatsapp: +65 9129 1658

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