Medley Music School Calendar 2021

There will be no lessons conducted during Public Holidays and Medley Holidays. 

Feel free to call us at 6353 4881 for any clarification on your lesson schedule.

Dear Students and Parents, please check with our administrator if you have any queries.  Thank you.
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Performance Empowering Class (PEC) Schedule

Performance Empowering Classes (PECs) are conducted once a term for all violin and piano students. PECs break the monotony of learning individually as students are grouped with peers of the same playing level and each get to perform before the group. The customised modules empower students as they learn the finer details of being a performer, other aspects of music, and at the same time, build up their self-confidence. 

PEC Piano / Violin 

Please check calendar (highlighted in green) for the PEC Schedule

Please note that there are no regular lessons during PEC week. All students are to attend their respective PECs (allocated by their teacher).