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A Wonderful Testimonial from a Parent

My daughter Ellisya began taking piano lesson in Medley Music School in April 2013 and is currently doing the Suzuki Piano book 3. As I am allowed to stay for the lessons, I am able to witness the teacher's professionalism in teaching, attention to technique, and encouragement that she gives to my child throughout every lesson.

As a parent, I really enjoyed the progression of the Suzuki piano pieces. The order allows the students to have the skills and confidence to move ahead to the next piece. I have watched my daughter grow musically from the very beginning of learning to play the piano. She learned great technique and played correct rhythms and notes. Medley Music School also holds Performance Empowering Class recitals bi-monthly and an annual concert to give students an opportunity to build confidence to perform on stage for a bigger audience.

Even though I have no musical training, I am able to provide support with my daughter’s lessons and to be involved in her growth as a music student. Our lives have been enriched by the sounds of beautiful music played at home.

With gratitude,


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