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How do you know if your kids love music?

How do you know if your kids love music? That is the common question for most parents. Actually, the key is providing that opportunity for them to be exposed to it, whether is it music, art, culinary, or sports. In music, parents can expose their child to music through a CD, song and dance programme, an instrument, a children’s concert or any musical activity.

Parents, being their child’s best friend and teacher, can observe if their child has an interest in music at all. Children, when they are so young, say six years old and below, can’t make a decision on their own if they wish to participate in a music programme or embark on learning an instrument. So parents need to make an informed decision on their behalf.

Most kids love music. Sometimes, I get parents who tell me that their child wants to give up learning music. But often, it isn’t that they have lost interest in music. It may be that they hate the practice that must come with learning music. They cannot stand siting down (or standing up) and having to focus on the learning. Herein lies what they will learn in the long term – concentration, and delayed gratification. Fulfillment and enjoyment of music even till adulthood.

To make the learning process more fun, parents need to find an engaging teacher, ensure that each lesson or practice session is interesting to the best of abilities, and most importantly, not pressuring the child and letting her enjoy what she does.

Sit in during their lessons and observe how your child behaves in the class and watch his interest in music grow!

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