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The Ukulele

The Ukulele or "Uke" is a string instrument, part of the guitar and the lute family which originated in Hawaii as early as 19th century. It is an adaptation of an older Portuguese instrument, Machete, which has similar asthetics. The Machete was brought by a Portuguese immigrant, Joao Fernandez in the late 1800's, he played so well and fast, entertaining; with all his instrument playing techniques and tricks, the Hawaiians expressed and dubbed the instrument as "uku lele", which translates roughly to "jumping flea".

The Ukulele has 4 strings and can be played by strumming or plucking. There are four basic ukulele types, the most common one is the Soprano ukulele, next is the Concert, then there's the Tenor and Baritone.

The Ukulele's range lies in the middle range of the guitar, on the first 4 strings, that's the reason why when you can play the ukulele, you can pretty much play the guitar, and vice versa.

Here are three reasons why the ukulele is popular: - It is an inexpensive instrument. - It is small and mobile. - It is easy to learn and you can learn to play a song in no time!


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