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3 ways in which your child benefits from learning music with us

3 ways in which our students benefits from learning music with Medley Music School Singapore.

  1. Our students will gain self-confidence as he or she goes through the Performance Empowering Class each month or bi-monthly (for students taking individual music lessons). PEC is designed to transform our students from a learner to a confident performer. Each of our students will be given a chance to preform a musical piece in a class setting. Over time, the student gain a step of confidence as he or she stands in front of a crowd. At the same time during PEC every student learns from each other through the musical performance.

  2. Medley Music School Students will learn important values such as honesty, respect and kindness, as we seek to inspire, instill and reinforce a particular value in our students each month, and build up good characters in our children.

  3. As part of Medley Music School's philosophy of giving back to society, the school organises events and creates opportunities for our students to do something meaningful as he or she joins us in giving back to our community.

Do check out any ongoing promotions and discounts on our website or call us at 6353 4881 to book a trial lesson today!

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